Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shaking My Damn Head--It's Me!

Once upon a time in a land far far away, I was a staff member of a nice church. Then I left that job and took a whole year to sleep-in on Sunday mornings and have almost NO volunteer work. But I missed hymns and that churchy smell of coffee and old kitchen cabinets and it wasn't the same without service work that made the world a smidge better.

So I went back to church. 

I love church. I cry during joys and sorrows and I take notes so I can send cards to people who need a nice note in the mail. And I volunteered to teach the middle school sexuality class, because my family owed the universe a turn teaching and I love that so much except when it makes me want to cry, but I still love it, it's just hard but then the hard things are the ones worth doing, of course. And I have a part of the church that is mine to keep clean which involves lugging a vacuum cleaner up stairs, and I do a shift cleaning up after coffee every other month. My favorite place in the whole church is the kitchen, so that's a happy thing. Well and the congregation turned 50, so I wanted to be a part of making that year-long party happen, of course--that's not even work, that's just fun. There ya go, meaning, connections, fun. All good. 

But then the president asked me to lead the pledge drive. 

Oh no. That's a real job. That's work. 

But, well.... I don't have a regular paying job right now, and I kind of know about some resources for conducting campaigns and drives. So, I figured--sure why not, I can do that. Or I can try, anyway. 

Well, this, friends, is fun. It's really fun. It reminds me of when I was a brand new religious educator and I was learning a million new things every time I sat down to work. It's exciting, and exhilarating and I find myself reading library books about fund development...just because I can. Who knows how things will go, perhaps I'll run the worst drive ever and will be laughed out of the congregation (well, until it's my turn to clean up after the coffee hour, anyway) and I'll humbly ask to please never have to do this again. 

But for now, it's all good. I'm reading Wayne Clark and researching different methods of conducting the drive (visiting stewards? celebration Sunday? pony express?) and dreaming about how much it might cost to buy the whole darn block and expand our too-small building to fit our amazing people. (not really, that's exaggeration, we can't buy a whole block of a Seattle neighborhood. no way. well, not yet anyway.)

It's a funny thing. You never know what will be a new and wonderful thing in this crazy life. Money? Finances? FUNDRAISING? Who the heck thought this would be fun? Shakin' my head. Never would have guessed it, but there it is. It's me!

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