Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Dreaded.....LEGGINGS!

OK, I actually laughed out loud at this post by the dear and dedicated PeaceBang about......leggings.

I mean. Come on! Leggings! Who the heck cares if people are rocking the REI style and wearing leggings with their casual and funky dresses during the summer months (apparently--forbidden by the goddess of goodness in dress for clergy and others everywhere) who cares?

Not me!

Well, I do. I don't want to be forbidden to do anything. ANYTHING! Especially by an illustrious "Rev. Dr."--you know--two sets of letters in front of anyone's name kind of brings out the rebel in me.  Tell me not to?? Well, I might just cancel my Ann Taylor order for clothes for GA and replace it with an lovely little trip to the local REI. (where, it just so happens, my dear middle son who is only 16 works--they don't hire people his age, but that's just the kind of kid he is....yes that was bragging, oh go jump in a lake if it bothers you!)

I mean, let's quote our dear Ms. PeaceBang here...."If I see you in these I will fall to the floor and roll around with my tongue lolling out like some medieval poisoned monarch."

That sounds like a challenge. A challenge I just might take. But there's more. Isn't there always more?

This actually brings to mind a significant difference I've discerned in the coasts. I grew up smack in the middle of the continent as a Secular Humanist UU--and in the past 30 some years I've grown into a warm and fuzzy West Coast liberal who says "God" sometimes wears a suit to lead worship--sometimes with just the right fashion accessories, and sometimes (GASP) without. But as a friend at a local congregation just experienced--we don't necessarily fit PB's rules. We're different when it comes to other rules, too. One dear person I know who is looking for work on the East Coast and is striking out, could probably--no easily, find work out here on the West Coast--we're just more open and friendly and relaxed and accepting. It's different.

I like it a whole lot better. Here we have real freedom to believe as we are called to believe, to worship in ways that we are called to worship (as my colleagues who asked this week when the walked thru the new lovely sanctuary of my church--yes! we DO use the drum set almost every week!) and to....

wear what we wish to wear!

But still, not without a really long tunic or a dress, that much I'm buying completely. Yes.

Here's where to find the best "left coast" look around And if you come to GA and you deign to wear  l e g g i n g s--find me! We'll make a down right scene out of the thing!


And's June and we STILL have highs in the 50s out here some days. It's different. Really different. Don't judge til you come out here and spend some real time. We NEED leggings to pretend it's summer and keep us warm!

Happy Friday, all! And bright blessings for all things good-- and free and cool ankles.


AnnieD said...

Kari, my friend, REI style is not leggings. Search it on the site: lots of capris, some compression tights... okay, there's one pair, but for kids or toddlers. However, I do think REI has materially impacted our fashion sense out here, leading to the much greater acceptance of clothing variety that you mention...

Sara said...

I love the REI look, and congrats to middle son for working somewhere cool.

I love where you went with this. ;)

Kari said...

REI absolutely rocks. :) And yes, the "REI Style" is my own corruption of the fabulous stuff available at my local member supported store. Fabulous.

Christine Leigh said...

Yes. Yes. Yes.

I moved to Seattle last July from the East Coast, and I think you are dead on about the culture/style differences West to East Coast. Fashion a bit different? Yep! Warm and fuzzy liberalism? Yep! It's grown on me, and it feels more at home.

You know, I have a draft in my email folder (which has yet to satisfy me as far as being the right level of clear/respectful) where I write to Peacebang asking about why to care or abide by a certain style of fashion. Fashion is so socially constructed - the standards are just as made up as other things that we encourage each other to explore with. The main reason I never sent it is because I was trying to express this gut uneasiness with that blog, and until I read your reflections I haven't been quite able to figure it out. Saying you must do or not-do X, Y, or Z to fit some standard is a bit not-UU.

If I were going to GA, I'd also be behind you on the leggings. With a dress or tunic, of course.

Kari said...

Yes, Christine! It is a lovely and wonderful world out here. Welcome and bring ON warm and fuzzy liberal drizzle.

And to all you--my dear blogger friends who are worried about this blog and that I may offend our dear Peacebang (thanks for the private msgs and notes...) I am certain that we have plenty of room for a diverse set of opinions in our little UU rainbow world. No offense is intended and I hope none will be taken.

Not sure my little two-bit blog is on anyone's radar but those of you who already love me anyway!

Now to sew some more bridging bears....and pray peace and love into every single one!

Kari said...

@Christine--a friendly commenter who offered a comment I will not publish because it was a teensy bit harsh says: "please send the message sitting in your draft box. It needs to be sent" But I'm not saying one way or the other. It's a short life, and I've done some stupid things--so I'm willing to let things slide. But....I will wear leggings to lead the worship service tomorrow morning. So there ya go!

mattkinsi said...

In defense of people living in the East....we down here in the Southeast are different than the Northeast :D

I'll applaud your leggings if I see you around at GA :D