Thursday, May 2, 2013

Generation and Leadership--And how Boomers ruined the 80s

I just watched another round table video discussion between UU ministers and soon to be ministers on the VUU, and while I think the video gremlins finally caught up to the fine folks from the Church of the Larger Fellowship, I enjoyed the discussion.

The most important information, in my mind, came in a comment on the youtube comment stream from UU World editor, Chris Walton. There was a comment from Rev. Hank Pierce (from Hot Stove UU Media Megapersonality fame) about the ages of the UUA moderators. I think in response to that comment, Chris posted this:

The last four UUA presidents were born in 1949, 1947, 1946, and 1946.

This is amazing. The last four UUA presidents were all baby boomers. I felt a heavy nagging when Laurel Hallman didn't win that we may never, ever have anything but male presidents. But the generational piece was not on my radar. I'm a Gen Xer who is very aware that I live in the shadow of the boomers. I feel like we come along and have to undo everything. I especially blame baby boomers for the entirety of the 80s: fashion, music and gross financial excessive exuberance. 

Not that there's blame to be had here. But maybe a slightly younger moderator would make a difference. You can never escape your birth order or your generation, they simply form who you are in many ways. 

Who knows, it's a complicated time and a complicated system. And, even for Joe girl-in-the-pew, interesting.  

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