Friday, March 20, 2009

Hittin' the Road

My family loves to travel, any place, any where, any time. One or the other of the adults in the family have had jobs with an airline for the last 15 years, so we don't travel in any normal sort of way. Nope. We pack, we prepare but we never really know how things are going to turn out.

Take the time we went to Hawaii. I had just put in a two week notice with the airline, so we figured we'd better do one of the trips we'd always meant to. So on a Thursday we decided to go to Hawaii, and on Friday we left. We found a hotel when we got there, and a big box store to buy all the things we forgot plus some boogie boards and had a great time.

And the luggage. We have lots of luggage, and for ease of communication, all our pieces of luggage have come to have names. Yes, names. Recently we had to let go of "The Smuggler" the name of the company which was on the rollerbag which started everything. The poor thing had really just fallen apart. But we still have "Her Eminence", "Porsche", "Fred" and "George" which, funny thing, look exactly alike, "Pegleg" and of course "The Monstrosity" big enough for small children to fit in, and they have tried.

We're getting ready for a trip, I'm not going to jinx the flights by saying where we are trying to go, but it's going to be dicey getting there, so we decided everyone should just have a rollerbag of their own in case we have a last minute switch of flights, we can move fast with just carry-on luggage.

So we have new additions to the suitcase family. I want to name them "Rusty" and "Slice" but we'll just have to see which names stick. This naming craziness is also how we wound up with a cat named "the baby kitty".

Want a hint about where we're trying to go? Sorry, it'll jinx it!


boston unitarian said...

Have a great trip! Blessings, BU

Sara said...

Best of luck to you!