Sunday, March 29, 2009

The trip to London! No, Amsterdam! No Hawaii.....

Top Ten True Things about Stand-by Travel

10. Spending two days in an airport at the beginning and end of a trip is "normal".

9. Burger King for breakfast, lunch and dinner is SO a balanced vacation diet.

8. Stand-by travelers who miss flight after flight together come to be a rumpled, tired kind of family, and shake hands and pound backs when one of them finally makes it on a plane.

7. Finding a place to sit with an outlet to re-charge your lap top, bingo!

6. After a couple of days of missing flights, flying into an airport 14 hours away from your home renting a car and driving home starts to sound like a really good idea.

5. Airports have memorial gardens, giant meeting rooms, chapels and lounges. Who knew?

4. If you know where to look in the airline computer system, you find out which stand by passengers will get on the flight before they do.

3. Large families who show up for a flight at the very last minute break the hearts of a whole crowd of stand-by passengers who are hoping they'll be stuck in security.

2. Flying for "free" isn't actually free if you count four days of food and extra hotel stays, but hey, not complaining.

1. The very best airport to be stuck in is the Honolulu airport. Live music, open hallways, gentle breezes and the nicest airport staff anywhere. Detroit? Yeah,

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