Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Musical Medicine

So you think that the nasty flu going around takes away all sense of joy and hope, too? Nope, guess that's probably just November! It'll pass. It always does.

Meanwhile, I've discovered that my spiritual guide for all music for all times has been listening to my prayers. David Wilcox was in Seattle yesterday, but I didn't get to go see him. There is just no money for expensive fun things right now. But while moaning about how unfair life is and how I've been seeing David live for 20 years and I should get special "long term" passes to his shows, I discovered a new section on his website.

He lists a bunch of "conditions" in life and has a collections of songs that are just right for that place you've gotten yourself in. There is even a section called "Frustration with institutions of religion." Of course there are "songs for peace" and "hearbreak". All the songs are listed to the right and can be played, free of charge. There are a couple of songs that I remember from concerts that were never released.

Here in this list are all the touchstones of my life. "Burgandy Heart Shaped Medallion" that made me cry when Michael was born and I realized that I had a BOY and he might have to go to WAR someday. (just picked up the form to register for selective service btw) "Down Inside Myself" from that moment when you just know you were once happy and you are sure you can be again, but damn if you can remember how to get there--wait, I should go listen to that right now.

So sorry I had to miss David in concert. I think I should just get to go live next door to him and stop by for coffee and a jam and some great theological conversation. But if I had to miss him, at least I found his gift to me. And I get to share it with you, now, too.

Here's my favorite from the next to newest album:

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