Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top Ten True Things about Sick Kids

We've just survived a round of the plague here at the homestead. Well, it's still hanging on a bit. Today at yoga class I couldn't manage a "corpse" pose without a yucky cough. And all the men in my house sound a little like Darth Vader. We're almost done being least I think we're almost done. Please baby Jesus let us be almost done. Thank you. Amen. Meanwhile....

Top Ten True Things about Sick Kids

10. When home sick from your homeschool school you can watch Mythbusters all day long and call it "science".

9. Little dogs think sick children are absolutely the best dog beds, ever.

8. Reading text books is far too taxing. Entire Calvin and Hobbes collections? Perfect!

7. Sick teenagers actually THANK you for taking care of them.

6. Jello? OH yeah!

5. A sick kid is totally captive for whatever agenda you have, like say....future educational plans. Or clean bedrooms.

4. Doing math homework on cold medicine? Yeah, not a good idea. Sorry Mrs. Smith, he'll re-do the assignment.

3. Sick children, even when really sick, are still way better at technology than parents.

2. Chicken soup makes you feel better. Vegetarian chicken soup works, too. Don't ask.

1. And the most true thing about sick kids? They can help you with your blog posts. Thanks, Ryan! I love you!

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