Monday, October 25, 2010

The Dedication....

We celebrated the formal dedication of our new building last night. It was a warm but still reverential service that left our whole community full and happy as if we'd all celebrated a fabulous harvest feast.

It is simply amazing to think that one short year ago, we had no plans to buy a building, no plans to launch a capital campaign. Nothing but dreams and hopes.

As the rain pounded on our windows and the wind whistled by, I was reminded of the opening hymn from the morning service:

"May nothing evil cross this door, and may ill fortune never pry about these windows; may the rain, and roar go by"

It was an honor to attend this service, and I have deep gratitude for the many ministers, including the UUA president Peter Morales, who came to celebrate with us. But I believe the most important blessing happens when our members come in and vacuum, or weed the gardens; when the children play and laugh and when we do dishes late into the night. This is a church that is deeply blessed by it's people. It has been anointed by love, and blessed by thousands of hours of loving care.

And that powerful loving care is why this is only the beginning of the story.


We had great coverage in the local and city news:

And our kids.....of course! That's me in my favorite spot.....with the kids!

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