Friday, October 22, 2010

Westside's New Home!

It's almost here! October 24th has been looming for months, now.

First there was April something, when we got the keys to the new church.

Then there was June move day.

Then September 5th. Big Breakfast and celebration of the move in the new building.

Then September 12th. FIRST SERVICE in our new church!

And now.....October 24th. DEDICATION!

We really wanted everything to be perfect and just right in the new building when we welcome the ministers and donors and our UUA president Peter Morales for this huge celebration. I just saw the "punch list" for the weekend--top priority tasks. There's a whole lot left to do. You really wouldn't believe how many pieces of trim and how much paint and myriad of details need to be attended to in a three story church. People have been working huge numbers of hours since June. Since May, really. And I know I had no idea how much time it takes to wash all the windows in a sanctuary--on scaffolding. Or to paint every inch of the walls. Or to create beautiful gardens and make all the mechanical things work.

So, depending on how the "punch list" goes today and tomorrow, the building may not be perfect. It may just be good enough. Kinda like people are good enough, with a missing doorknob here and a piece of trim that's too red there. I know my trim color is way off, and I'm missing a doorknob or two. But the people of my church don't care. My family doesn't care. It'll all be good.

Blessings for good work and good people and a beautiful church home.


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