Monday, July 28, 2008

Fierce Love

Last night I knelt on the floor of my living room with my sons and asked them to pray with me. We offered our deep gratitude for the safety of our own loved ones and our grief for our greater UU family and our tragedy.

This will not scare us. We will not stand down. We will stand up and we will retaliate with fierce love for all beings. We will not allow fear to stop us.

And when I told my son that I was not going to allow the youth to be greeters because that seems to be the front line, he called me on it. "Why? Are our lives worth more than any one else's life?"

I want to scream "YES!".

But he's right. The answer really is we are all sacred. The spark of our soul and the holy miracle of every cell in our bodies are all deeply infused with inherent worth. We are all one.

I am not hiding my tears from my children, we lost something precious, we all lost someone precious. Our family is grieving.

We hold you all in our hearts, and we stand up together in fierce and abiding love.

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