Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Trails!

Homeland security has reinforcements at the Hibbing-Chisolm Airport. Yes, they have the regular TSA agents, although here they’re all friendly and wildly helpful; so much so that they’ll re arrange your bin for you before it runs through the x-ray machine. And there are still gate agents, although they come out to the waiting room to find you if they need to change your seat assignment, you know, to balance the plane!

They’ll even take your picture in front of the back-up security personnel if you ask them to, and your friends can wait with you before you head over to go thru security.

When the plane comes within range they call out “Come on folks, they’re within range, time to go through security, make sure you take any bathroom stops before you head in the secure room—no bathrooms in there!”.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if every airport experience was like this? We’d all be happy travelers!

I’m off to fly home to Seattle, tomorrow is the big show day for KIDS Camp, my kids’ Korean Culture Camp presentation day. And man, do I feel cozy and warm knowing that fuzzy here is keeping me safe!

Happy Trails!

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