Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ten Ways to take Action Following the Tragedy in Knoxville

There are real things we can do in the real world that will make a real difference. Here are a few ways to start:

1) Wear a chalice--don't have one? Buy one!

2) Put a UU Bumper sticker on your car.

3) Buy or "find" a chalice and create an altar in your home.

4) Donate to the Knoxville Relief fund

5) Share your wishes for healing and your love on the Supporting Our Friends in Knoxville blog

6) Rehearse your "Elevator Speech" so that when someone asks you about your faith, you're ready!

7) Practice your fierce and abiding love by doing work that's a little outside what you would normally do....volunteer with a teen homeless center, Habitat for Humanity, Planned Parenthood or others.

8) Commit to that volunteer work in your local congregation that you'd been considering, but hesitant about. If you question your choice later, remember WHY you committed!

9) Speak about your faith openly, freely and proudly. How would it have been for so many people to have found this faith sooner in their journey? Invite friends to come to your church!

10) And the best way to move toward peace and healing in the face of tragedy; volunteer to work with the children or youth in your congregation. There is no better place to find hope for the future than hanging out with UU kids!


goodwolve said...

Really nice post. I like the proactive thoughts that can help us move beyond the tragedy. Would it be OK if I shared this with my congregation next Sunday? I have the service and it is actually on the Welcoming Congregation... this is bound to come up.

ms. kitty said...

Kari, this is great! I might use it in my sermon Sunday, if that's okay? I like to give folks a little push.

Kari Kopnick said...

Share! Please. Thanks!