Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fat Babies in the Sun

My nearly grown son is a technical genius, no really he is. He's the church podcaster and resident computer network geek. It must be time for formal education to start up again because this week he's created a video invitation for his little brother's 12th birthday party complete with new computer animation of a space ship and green screened back drops. And he's begun transferring our old home videos to digital format (did you know that there are archive quality dvds? no idea). So we've been watching little fat babies in the sun, and Christmas trees being decorated by tiny little boys. And sweet little faces of cousins and friends and old houses. And baby blessings done by old friend ministers in the old sanctuary at our old church.

It's been a little too distracting with all the work I have to do!

But here's the thing; this delightful young man who serves his denomination on a congregational, district and national level, who patiently picks out the recording of the sermon from the hymns and joys and sorrows every week to podcast, who vacuums the house and makes his brother hash browns, who is taking Calculus and Physics and English Comp AND Enginnering at the community college this fall, this fine young man has been turned down for admission by the high school he's attended for two years.

He's been a transfer student from our mediocre school district where I'm comfortable in a homeschool parent partnership school but not with the regular public schools. And yes, we always knew they could turn him down for re-admission. But why would they? He'll be doing early start college. He'll be out of the building except for swim team and drama. He can't help but raise their test scores. It's kind of like free money from the state and free good scores AND a really fast swimmer!


I emailed the Superintendent of schools today after the last message from the department folks hoping for one last chance at letting him keep the little connection. I got an email back in 12 minutes, they're looking into it.

I almost hope they turn him down and that he goes to Cal Tech or MIT or Harvard and I can write a big fat letter to the editor and name the names of who turned him away. But not really. I just want him to be able to continue the successful ride from homeschool super genius to normal kid at a normal school.

I kind of wish for those days of fat babies in the sun. All it took to care for them well was a cozy snuggle and some sweet nursing and quiet humming. But then, of course, they didn't vacuum!

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Kari said...

The school district has given their final decision, and they don't want my wonderful son. Their loss. We've re-applied to the district we live in (with their "choose one race" box on the enrollment form) and will be just fine. But stupid, stupid decision on that district's part.