Friday, August 29, 2008

Really? Vice President

When my 16-year-old son heard about McCain's VP pick this morning, he said "Well, then for sure the Democrats will win, race always comes before gender".

Ouch, that's cynicism. But I know where he got it. We were hanging out with our youth group last winter right about the time Obama came to Seattle. The youth group leader, a lovely young woman about 30-years-old said that of course Obama would be the nominee because race always comes before gender in breaking down barriers. Damn, if she isn't right. Not always, always of course. But still, nearly always.

I tend to be such an optimist, it's painful to even think, but of course it's true.

Still, I think it's a dirty, ugly move that panders to the lowest motives in politics to nominate this woman for VP.

Cynicism aside, I hope he's right.

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