Sunday, August 31, 2008

Praying for.....politician's children!

I have no idea what I think about all of these stories about Sarah Palin and her family and her daughter and the little wee baby. Well, I know a few things that I think:

I have this odd off balance sense might have been a somewhat better choice for the Republican VP choice. I have been a stay-at-home-mom first and whatever else second for a good sixteen years, when I did work full time, it was swing shift while still homeschooling three kids, isn't that what common culture thinks conservatives like? And then, I never would have even had an amnio because I wouldn't have aborted the child, not because I think abortion is wrong (I don't) but because I believe that for us, a full family with a good job can love and adore just about any child, for as long as we may have them in our lives. And then of course I have homeschooled various kids for years and years, isn't that a hit with conservatives?

OK, some of my views may have troubled a few folks, and I would have turned them down anyway (LOL!!) because I cannot imagine working that kind of an intense job with kids in the home. If my husband or even a grandmother was home to manage it all, well then maybe, but how would you know what was happening in their lives? How would you even know what they were thinking? Who their friends were? Which books they were reading? What hurt their heart? What made them really smile? How do you know that except for putting in the long hours and just really being there? I just don't want to miss that, any of it.

And then what is this doing to that poor sixteen-year-old girl. I mean, the whole world examining her belly? Oh poor dear! And if the mono really was a cover for pregnancy? Well then, don't you just wish she'd had good sex ed (can you say OWL?? And CONDOMS?) and that maybe someone had offered the dear an abortion? Or the option for adoption? Or just a loving "Juno-like" parent response that was all about support and love, not shame? And if it's not really the story, then still...millions of folks are looking at her belly, and wondering about her. Her mother should set the record straight just for her daughter's sake, unless there's no way to do that, then she should come clean and get out. Have some grace.

I wish for all of us just that; some grace.

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