Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Help from the blogosphere??

Hiya UU Blog world friends!

I am looking for an example of a "service in a blog post", and am wondering if anyone remembers seeing one and where it was? What I remember seeing was a prelude that was a youtube video embedded, a chalice lighting, a reading, a story, video of singing kids out, a sermon, and a prayer then closing words and music or something with those elements.

Our nasty roads are causing the board president at the church I serve to ponder calling off services for Christmas Eve, but I'd love to offer our members and friends something for Christmas Eve, and I'd like to show the minister I serve with something before I go do it myself.

You are welcome to comment here if you have any ideas or email me at dre (at) wsuu (dot) org.

Thanks All!

Merry Christmas!

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UUpdater said...

I don't recognize the post you are describing, but I thought I would mention http://www.uublogsearch.com in case you hadn't heard of it. I'm not sure if it has all the blogs tracked by UUpdates and DiscoverUU, but it's pretty extensive. It gives you a Google search limited to those UU blogs that are specified.