Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Spin

Oh oh oh! Finances, and cookies, and jobs and excellence and snow and ice and CHRISTMAS. It's a good thing that I have ADD or there is no way I could keep track of it all.

Or, well, try to keep track of it all.

Tonight is the cookie exchange party with friends from school. I hope some of them come out even though it's icy and cold. Seattle thinks this is icy cold, but this morning when I went out and felt the cold, I was transported right back to the first 35 years of my life in Minnesota. I can do this. But for natives, it's icy cold. For California and Hawaii transports, it's brutal.

And the gifting is moving along. We went to Pike's Place Market in downtown Seattle. It feels better to buy from local arts folks. The historic market has fantastic things of all kinds and even some little shops in the lower levels. It feels good to have been here so long that I can say "Hey, where are those little fairy circlets?" and people know what I mean and tell me where they are.

I bought gifts for my mom and dad, I won't say what (Hi Mom!) I bought for them, but our niece is getting the fairy circlet and a magic wand. My boys bought mini donuts. We talked ourselves into going out for dinner. Then, when the first snowflakes started to fall into the bay, we skedaddled home to wait out the snow.

And good thing, too. We were iced in for a whole day. I didn't even go into church.

And now, it's sunny and cold. We have friends coming for dinner. Christmas eve is just over a week away. My husband and I, as of 3:07 PST are both still employed. The dog can still kind of walk. A good barley soup is simmering in the crock pot. My new glasses let me actually see.

And wow, life is so good. So good.

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