Monday, June 30, 2008

Home from GA!

Seattle is a long way from Ft Lauderdale. Like one corner of the country all the way to the other. I was ready to come home. Ready to see my kids that aren't here. Ready to see my husband. And just ready to rest a little. Flights were easy and open and except for accidentally LOCKING my phone it was uneventful.

Do you have any idea how dependent I am on that phone?! I could answer it but it just mocked me by asking for my password to unlock it to be able to dial out. There I was in Memphis, phone -less with no internet accessibility. I pictured my husband getting frustrated that I didn't call him. And I don't think pay phones even exist any more. And I sure don't have a phone card or anything any more. Password? What password! It wasn't my voice mail password. No combination of four of the same numbers. NOTHING! Well, an hour later I tried the last four digits of the phone's number. And yeah, that's it. Funny. Guess I'm really not a Luddite any more. Nope.

And at the end of many hours of flying, and a nice long nap from Memphis to Seattle, I was home. My dog was ecstatic. My husband relieved to have another set of hands and my kids could let their shoulders relax a bit. Mom's home.

It was so nice to have my food around me again! Going to UU things is easier than other events, there were vegetarian options all around, but hey. My tofu! And my fake sausage! Yeay.

I passed out the few little things I brought home, shared my finds from the exhibit hall. Handed over the fair trade chocolate that I'm required to bring home from GA every year and put my new bumper stickers on my guitar case.

Hey, it's good to be back home again.

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