Saturday, June 28, 2008

UUA GA, Day....four?

This afternoon I think I proved why I cannot ever in a million years live in a hot state. Besides the fact that I have less melanin than anyone else on the planet, the heat makes me just goofy. This afternoon I thought I knew just where I was going....headed over to the hotel across the way, but when I got there it was clearly some club for people with some kind of money I don't have! So I figured it was just me and my map reading challenge again, so I turned around and headed back to where maybe this place really was. I must have looked befuddled because now a nice minister asked what I was looking for.

Yep, the hotel JUST BEHIND where I'd just come from. Well, now I was too hot to go back there, and one of the nice youth from youth caucus called to me. So we went into Walgreens--her for a purse, me for batteries for my camera. I don't think it likes the heat either.

After we killed more time in there and she told me about her plans for summer, and some of the issues that linger from the polio she had as a kid, we headed back out into the sauna-day.

Walking along I ran into Bélu Jakabházi, this year's Balázs Scholar from Starr King School for the Ministry. We had a great time when he came to Seattle--I've never seen someone so relaxed and comfortable with a pile of squirmy awkward youth before. He even re drew the lines of Romania and Hungary in my encyclopedia. We had a nice, but SHORT talk about how overwhelming GA is. He's a great guy. By now I was over the top hot and so tired, but I figured I had to try again.

I found the hotel and the room I THOUGHT my meeting was in, and they were cleaning up, breaking down tables. Done.

Now, OK, in hindsight, the meeting was probably just moved, changed to a different place, switched up. I even had cell phone numbers I could have called to ask. But geez! I was so hot and so fried I decided I was just done.

I went back to the convention center, waited for a shuttle and OK, maybe it's really irresponsible, but I spent an hour in the pool and by the pool reading.


Now I'm ready to go back, get more GA soaked into my bones, and fire up the furnace of learning. Wait. The furnace is all set with this amazing heat.

The fire of commitment sometimes needs a break in the pool!

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