Saturday, June 28, 2008

UUA GA, Another Day!

The best thing about GA, well the best thing about anything really, is the people. I've just been giddy this whole week because my friend Suzanne is here with me most of the time! And then, her kind and generous and non-UU husband was kind and generous and brought their daughters down for dinner so I could SEE them!

You have to stop sometimes and actually eat real food with utensils that are not plastic and a plate that is not paper during GA. And you have to sit down. Otherwise I think you might just collapse after a few days.

So we went to a nice Irish Pub and had food the girls didn't like, but they were kind enough to humor me and talk to me and tell me about school and girlscouts and getting ears pierced by a bearded lady in Cape Cod (NO lie!).

Then we went for icecream and were joined by Michael. While it's been about three years since we've all been together, before that we used to come visit all the time, when we were homeschooling and had flight benefits and it was winter in Minnesota, where we lived. So Michael knows them like cousins--except, that in his mind and (and the rest of my family), the girls are frozen in time. Actually frozen at about 2 and 5. When I mention the little one going to school I get this: "Mom, what do you mean? She's two! I hate it when you lie to me like that!" Tongue firmly in cheek of course. So, Michael got to see with his own eyes, yep, they're 7 and 10. Not tiny any more.

What a nice little piece of heaven, a few hours with friends that are really family AND the kids, too!

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