Thursday, October 9, 2008

Creating Spiritual Practice...kinda

Practicing spirit.

Spirit practicing.


So, the goddess Peacebang is talking about Spiritual Practice.

Me? My most present spiritual practice it to practice being imperfect. I am so really amazingly good at that. I try and try and try to be perfect. And then...POOF, there I am being all sacred and holy because I'm again practicing NOT being perfect. Or anywhere near perfect.

The laundry isn't done. The dishes are almost getting kinda moldy. The dog hair on the carpet looks like an alternate color and my "twenty" hours of weekly work has morphed into, oh you know, about 50. Maybe even 60. I yell at my kids. I'm annoyed with my aging and sometimes piddling dog. And my phenomenal husband is bugging the crap out of me.

I'm really good at this one. I totally rock at being imperfect.

This, my friends, is the best spiritual practice ever.

Join me.

Come, be imperfect with me!


Kristina said...

Oh, Kari, I started giggling when I read this. Perhaps the giggling was nervous laughter, or perhaps it was just from joy or release or happiness, but whatever its source, I needed to read this today! You mean I've been practicing the sacred all along? Well, there's some good perspective!

I worried so much about having things "right" yesterday for the RE meeting, afraid of revealing the fact that my dog sheds and my paperwork is a disaster and the sink always has black marks in it. As a result, when Tessa asked me to read to her, I said yes....but didn't do it, because I was so busy faking a clean house!

There's a nice piece of imperfection to dwell upon.

I think the fact that you have doghair on your carpet and are willing to say so makes you all the more lovely. I'm glad you're not perfect - you're you, and you're fabulous, imperfections and all.

And as to those 60 hours...I'm determined to help you out. I have room in my schedule with the book gone, and your work is important to me, so I'm going to try to help. Maybe we can bring it down to a mere 52 hours....!

Kari said...

OH you dear! I'm so glad I have a fellow practitioner! YEEEEAY US!

Thanks for the work. It's all good I'll stop whining soon! :-)

(check out the ellis link on my blog, she's your style for sure!)