Friday, October 3, 2008

Holy Moments, holy cow.

What a fun debate to watch! After a few minutes I stopped covering my eyes; no train wreck on it's way. So we ate our tacos and drank our "Alaskan IPA". Irony there. I was glad we didn't invite people over to watch with us because sometimes the oldest was yelling at the tv and no one could hear anything! After a while he decided to watch online with headphones to access all the bells and whistles CNN had going on, it was so much more peaceful then.

After the debate, we drove the oldest to the airport for the red-eye to Boston. It's Youth Ministry Working Group weekend. I think that's really what all the intensity was about with the debate. He's rockin' exciting to get there, and get working on creating new visions for youth ministry.

He called from Boston after touch down at our 4:30 in the morning. Nope, didn't sleep much. Yep, still excited. Uh-huh, re-read everything to prep for the weekend. OK, drink lots of water, take advil, eat fruit. "Um, mom.... I gotta go now."

OK, off we go, into another church weekend. The middle son has an OWL retreat on the water. I have a memorial service for a precious member of our church who taught at a Jr High School and died suddenly last weekend. Bus loads of young teens. I need to take that big pastoral care class at the seminary; seems to be what my heart pulls toward.

And we move carefully, mindfully, wholly and hopefully in a holy way through the day. The days.

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