Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Youth Ministry

I love working with our youth. Why?

Is it the last minute heroic pull to get things all-together? Well, sometimes I love that. Yes.

Is it the insane amount of cross talk while you try to pull together 35 seconds of worship? OK, yeah, sometimes. It's fun to finally get it to happen.

Is it the way they can feed 30 youth just about their age who are faced with being homeless? OH yeah. That would have to be it.

And they make amazing homemade mac and cheese, and fantastic brownies. And they sit and talk with their peers who will, in about 30 minutes more, be sent back out onto the streets. And they talk theology, and cheese sauce and you know, just about life.

My God, we are blessed to walk with these young people. Our young people. All young people. Deeply blessed.

May you all be so blessed.

Are you listening Youth Ministry Working Group??! OH yeah, you were there serving!! OK, all is well! The future of our Youth Ministry is in good hands.

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