Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

How can it be that it's Halloween, and Nanowrimo starts at midnight, and my kitchen is full of a washer AND a dryer?

Whirlwind life.

And just how did it happen that even though I still have a 12-year-old, that my Halloween days are over? I remember being a young adult, dressing up in fun mom-like costumes, carving pumpkins, doting over my nephews....and just downright pining for the days when I'd have my own children to share Halloween with.

My youngest two have amazing contumes, Neo from The Matrix (Keanu Reeves, of course, is also Hapa) and The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. But now they have friends and go to a big teenagery party every year. On Halloween. Poof, over! No more Halloween for mom.

Well, I get the big one with his fog machine and scary music and remote camera to notify him of trick-or-treaters. And one little girl always comes trick-or-treating dressed as a Sprite and I get to say "Happy Samhain!" to her, and she lights up with a big smile.

But my kiddos are gone. Poof.

Oh well, so it goes. And really, I'm not too sad. Somehow I think the whole UU Blogger community is happy today, because it's Halloween and today, for L.W., cancer is over. Her last chemo is done, and she should be home in time for her sibs to go trick-or-treat. And if what matters is our love and prayers, well then there is no doubt that cancer really is over.

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