Monday, July 20, 2009

A family that camps together doesn't get eaten by cougars....

We had a wonderful weekend. The weather was gorgeous.

The whole family was in town, and we got to spend a weekend with our good friends who were kind enough to have four daughters to match our three sons.

We burned a lot of things, some of it even food.

There were many boats, and many children in many boats. Many boats tipped, I am sure no one had any role in any of these swampings and that it was all just the wind. Oh yeah, the wind.

We hiked and climbed and had adventures in the water. Some of them began with "I'm sure we can get across the river over here...."

The Olympic Mountains are amazing.

The water, too.

The little dog got to go on her first camping trip.

And we think we brought enough stuff for two days, maybe. I guess we did.

And little dogs, supervise them closely too. And have them supervise the small children, too. Buddy system. And park rangers with big guns, that too.

I have no idea what this means, but we brought no stock, and no overstocks, either.

What a great weekend. I want to go back, right now. Who's with me? We can race. Ready, set......GO!

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