Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Blogiversary to me!

It's my blogiversary. One year. The paper anniversary, which is pretty ironic for this electronic critter.

I have blogged personally for a while--first on myspace back when that wasn't a pit of despair of a social networking site. Then at livejournal and blogger. In spring of 2008 I wanted a way to touch base with families in my church, so I activated a blog that I had started a few years before and promptly dropped because I was overwhelmed. I wanted to give parents information for a church wide "Scavenger Hunt" and the blog was just perfect.

So while I was at the 2008 Fort Lauderdale GA I thought I'd continue with that little blog and share with my congregation what was happening. I loved it, people read it--50 people a day read it, and it helped me organize my own brain about the whole experience.

When I got home, I decided I'd wrap that GA coverage into a new blog that was religion focused, but not congregation centered. I stomped around the house for a couple of days, annoying everyone by trying out different blog names until finally on July 3rd, I just went ahead and launched this little blog.

I still love it. And people seem to read it and sometimes are kind enough to join in the conversation as well. The help organizing my brain has been a huge bonus. I think blogging has even become a kind of spiritual practice. I've made real friends in my real life from initial contact here in blog land. And for about two seconds at the LREDA Fall Conference I felt like a rock star when people actually recognized me from my blog-- OK, maybe I felt more like a folk star, but it was fun. I've written a little book for parents that is a lot like a series of blog posts about raising good kids and while I still can't get anyone to publish it, I take heart in what the 2009 Fahs lecturer, Rabbi Sandy Sasso said about having "God's Paintbrush" turned down by eight publishers. I am thankful that with this little blog all I have to do to be published is to click "Publish Post".

So, thanks for reading whether you're a regular or a visitor, I appreciate it. I look forward to another good year of sharing the smiles and the tears of this one wild life.

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Halcyon said...

Happy Blogiversary, Kari! I am very thankful that I can check in with you so easily and feel like there isn't a continent between us. Thanks for your interesting, inspiring and funny posts!