Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Package!

We got a package in the mail! Yeay! It's always fun to get things in the mail!

And this was a really good package. It had three little dog sized frizbees.
And a portable water holder for when you go on long trips.

And some flashlights which were completely uninteresting to the dog but that the boys liked a lot. had.....a new stuffie to chew! A monkey! A good monkey. Oh yum.
How wonderful!

Noodles the dog is in heaven.

How cool is that? That your grandparents send you care packages in the mail, even though you are a little dog.Life really is good.
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flyraeven said...

That is so incredibly adorable! Thank you for sharing.

ms. kitty said...

Oh to be a dog some days! You're having such a good time with Noodles. She does seem like a sweetheart.