Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey it's good.... have my kids back home. It turns out that they all had the very best week of their lives ever...

Well that was good to hear.

What a week. The combination of two adult adoptees coming to supervise the camp who are Danish and rappers and the wild mix of kids made for the most singing and dancing I've ever seen from these boys. "Mamma Mia", fully choreographed. It was hilarious.

They were like rock stars at the final camp presentation day. And like very goofy teen boys. Which of course they are. Both rock stars and goofy boys.

The identity piece is always a little tough at camp. Almost everyone who goes was adopted from Korea. There are now about five teens, including my three, who have parents that are adoptees. One mother at camp actually asked us why our kids come to camp if they're not adopted. It's not all about the adoption, some of it is of course about living with a racial identity that is marginalized in our society.

But being Hapa at Korean Identity camp is also, once again, not quite fitting in.

Good thing they have each other I guess, at least it's something. And if they all grow up to be criminals, well, at least they can dance!

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