Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Found Sunday!

I am supposed to be just outside of Washington DC right now, watching the Super Bowl Commercials with the LREDA (Liberal Religious Educators Association) board. Or not watching the Super Bowl Commercials because of the boycott. But, I'm not in DC. Our LREDA Board meeting was called off. Yesterday morning Anne Bancroft, the LREDA president decided that the massive snow storm in the mid-atlantic yesterday made it too dangerous for us all to try to get there.

So, I'm not hanging out with my LREDA peeps. And there will be no visioning discussion and no plan for 2020. At least not until we can reschedule.

But, wait guess what DID happen?!

A Sunday off! A Sunday, and I'm off! No work, on a Sunday!

HOLY SUNDAY Batman, a Sunday off.

I love my job, I love the children and the families I serve and everyone in the congregation. I love when my feet are burning at the end of a Sunday because I was up and down the three flights of stairs a dozen times. I love soup lunch Sundays and the times we have popcorn covering a 20 square feet of floor. I love holding the new babies and playing duplos with the toddlers and leading worship. I love it all.

But a Sunday off is a grand gift.

Guess what I did with my gem, my precious day?

I went to church!

But not my church. I went up to University Unitarian Church, the "high" church in Seattle--at least the high church for UUs. It was the youth Sunday, the week that the youth group puts on the service. Since my oldest son has been going to youth group up there this year, he was a part of the service, and I was going to miss it not only because I work on Sundays but because I had planned to be flying off to DC.

But I got to go to the youth service! And I got to see my son tell the "national" segment of their service about community. He told the story of the Unitarian and Universalist youth and how they joined forces to become LRY, or Liberal Religious Youth, nearly a decade before the official merger of Unitarians and Universalists, and by the way, at the same time that the Unitarian and Universalist Religious Educators joined forces as LREDA.

The youth service was great, lots of readings, a skit, music and of course, dancing with feather boas to "We Are Family" as a postlude. I was certainly spiritually enriched!

Then I went to see my middle son play soccer. We thought that after 11 years of playing soccer that it might be his final game ever, but they won so it looks like they advance in the playoffs and he'll play at least one more game. I may miss his very last game if it happens on a Sunday, but at least I got to see him score a goal in this game.

I'm thankful for the found Sunday and a chance to have a day filled with family and fun. Now we're watching the Super Bowl commercials (a dad from our homeschool school did the commercial with Chevy Chase) and sitting on the couch and just hanging out. It's a good thing, this "day off" thing.

I might just have to try this again, someday...

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