Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Next Decade

I guess I just noticed that it's now 2010. Hey, that's a new decade!

What? I've been busy!

But yeah, this is a chance to look at the next ten years and kind of make a plan. I've lived a lot of years without a plan, just swimming along with what happens and reacting to it. Not that this place here in this life is bad, I mean there's the diver with the bubbles and the sparkly blue castle and everything. It's pretty nice here.

What if I stepped back and looked at what is going to happen in these next ten years? In 2020 I'll be 52, and my children will be fine young adults of 28, 25 and 23. I'll bet I won't need to be around in the afternoons just in case they need a moment of mom support, or at least I pray to all powers in the universe that they'll be launched and happy and successful. My dog will be 12.

And I'll have another 20 years of work life. Yes I will. Something, surely, to think about.

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