Monday, February 15, 2010

Spiritual Parenting

I know that raising children can be one of the most meaningful things we do in our lives. For me, I'd always thought it was the very most important thing I ever did or could do or was in the middle of doing. Because for most of us in this one wild life there's little else we'll do that will impact generation after generation and the future in the same profound way that influencing the development of actual human beings!

And then there were teenagers. Who thought THAT was a good idea? I mean come on, I am now a firm believer in initiation to adulthood rituals that remove your child for weeks and weeks or months and months or, about years!? Or maybe military boarding school? Or at least a mother-led melt down that has the mother of the family living in a lovely little villa someplace warm for months and months on end--with no children in sight. See Anne Morrow-Lindbergh.

OK, OK, OK! Maybe I am over reacting just a little tiny smidge. Being the parent of three teenage boys must be a spiritual practice of some kind. Please, God, let it be. Even if it's just the practice of screwing up over and over and over again. I mean there's gotta be grace in getting up and starting over, right?

I sure as heck hope so. Please. Thank you. Amen.

And yes, that's me, getting up on my feet one more time.

Double Amen.


Lizard Eater said...

Amen, my sister! I don't see how you can't be a universalist after raising kids. They put me through ALL THIS and still, I don't want to toss them in a lake of fire for eternity. God has less love than that, less mercy than that?

ms. kitty said...

Ah, Kari, just think---we get to be away from it all for a few days this week! See you in Bellevue!

dianak said...

Wait - that's Bellevue -the city, not the hospital, right?? ;^)

Yes, parenting teenagers must be a spiritual practice - or at least really, really good character-building opportunities for us! Remember a few years ago when I said I was going to be so sad when it was time for them to move out? Mm hmmm. Just sayin'.