Saturday, January 10, 2009

From the Dreams of Youthful Vision

I just talked to my oldest son while he was on the roof of E&P at the UUA (Eliot and Pickett Houses, can only imagine he was on one of them, not both...). They were out on the roof looking at the snow. I called him because there are all kinds of drastic piles of snow forecast for the Midwest and Northeast, and he's flying home to Seattle from Boston tomorrow. I thought he should know that his flights might get messed-up, and frankly, he's so grown up now, I didn't even have a copy of his itinerary to help him if he needs it.

But he's young. The world is so "right now", he sees the light snow and thinks that all will be well because right now it's just flurries.

So true of our youth. They live in the moment. We should learn from them. We should live in the moment.

It's good to have our youth working on the re-visioning of how we support youth in our Unitarian Universalist movement. We need them to help us be aware of how the youth of right now are going to react to what is done. And we need them to tell us what will really be meaningful, right now as well as into the future.

It's good that he is there. On the roof, in the snow.

Before he left he showed me the agenda for the weekend. I just shook my head, it looked like it would take three months to cover the things that were planned for two short days. But when you get in that groove, lots of good work can happen quickly. Breakthroughs, ephinays, big leaps of understanding sometimes are the most likely with little sleep and long meetings.

I asked him to hold close his favorite verse of UU music by Jason Shelton:

From the dreams of youthful vision, comes a new prophetic voice
Which demands a deeper justice, fueled by our courageous choice

They are called to do some good, big, important work. It's filled with emotion. A lot of people care very deeply about what happens. And there are no absolutes. There are a lot of maybes.

I hope the snow holds off and that he gets home safely. I hope the trip was good and the work went well.

I hope he comes home filled with hope from the prophetic voice of youthful vision.

May it be so.

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ms. kitty said...

How exciting that he's in Boston doing UU stuff! Hope he's home safely soon.