Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday snapshot

Everyone here is sick, or at least all the children are. Children. All the young men I live with are sick. And the car accident I was in 20 years ago is pulling things out of whack in my back. Oh super ouch. You'd think we would have had a really bad day, right?


It was a great day. The boys watched the entire season three of "Friends", and I got to watch some of it with them. Sometimes my sons look at me like I've got horns, like when I know the "We Were On A BREAK" episode. But it was great.

I made soup for a fundraiser lunch tomorrow, and Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. I listened to "Prairie Home Companion" and drank red wine while I cooked and cleaned and listened. My husband was out in the garage building set pieces for the Seussical play that's coming up. And we were happy. All of us, even though we're sick or hurt or working super hard, we had a great day.

Things could change radically. Jobs are in transition here, and who knows what will happen? It could be really different. We might not have these quiet Saturdays in this same way. But we've worked very, very hard before. We've been dirt poor, we know how to do that. We'll be fine.

Nice little respite here as we move into early spring, into a new phase. Into the future.

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