Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunny Day and the Inauguration Party Planning.

The sun has been out for TWO days now here in the Pacific Northwest. Oh thank you lord. It's so much better when the sun is out. And our mountain has been out, all our mountains even, the big one Mt Rainier to the south and the cascades to the east, and to the west the Olympics.

Oh so lovely.

And today it must have been 50 something. Heavenly. I didn't plant flowers though, instead I worked a kind of a long day at church (record attendance for children of 44 today) then went to the Y and then the whole family went to a movie and out for dinner at a little diner. It was fun. After a horrible day yesterday of children at each other's throats, this helped a lot.

Maybe we should always have a family date on Sunday evenings, but never will we tell them it's a "plan". No, just make it happen. That might be good. Right now they are playing rock music together, then their plan is to watch the Office and play the Office trivia game. Might just be worth it to have them get along.

On Tuesday we're having our own Inaugural Ball here at our house. You don't have have VOTED for Obama to come to the party, you just have to be happy that he's taking office. This allows my highly principled friends who vote third party to come. And the Canadians. And the kids!

Black tie and ball gowns are optional. I'm sure there will be many more Obama t-shirts, but wouldn't put it past some of my dear ones to show up in formal wear.

The menu includes:

Change Chowder

Joe Biden Jello (red jello with whipped cream and blueberries!)


I think the cooler still has the "No Beer for Children" sign on it. And I'm sure there will be enough hammy kids that another "Think Studios" production will happen.

We'll all watch the ceremony again. We'll all watch the 2004 speech at the DNC. We'll watch some jib jab.

And we will break open the real french champagne. And celebrate. Should be a fun party. Wish I had more time to decorate and plan the Gala, but so what! It's gonna be a party, and an amazing change.

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