Friday, April 10, 2009

Busy Week

Oh what a busy week we had. So busy. Very busy. Really busy.


There was the board meeting. Working for a dear, just barely mid-sized church with no building and big hits to our members in the financial scene made for a long, deeply moving but very stressful board meeting. I tried to stay focused on my little role in the church by filling 100 plastic eggs for the egg hunt on Sunday.

And there was the RE Council meeting, with half of us missing, but still a lovely meeting of the minds and hearts. Lots of good work, but also lots of sharing and friendship and even a nice big plate of sushi that someone's kids woudn't eat for dinner. Yum.

And there is the Earth Day service coming-up--all ages, all kids, parts to learn, parts to assign. Music to cover, readings, leaders. Truffula trees to create!

Now if you've looked at the calendar or the Target ads you know---it's EASTER on Sunday. More busy. Eggs, lots of eggs, eggs dyed with natural dye and little brown half egg-shells that will be planted with grass seeds. And those hundreds of plastic eggs filled with little trinkets and marbles. And 5 dozen eggs to hard boil so the kids can dye eggs in our little community while they eat soup and bread and chat. And a story for all ages with one little girl and one Goddess Oestara and dear sweet girls who are happy to act out the parts.

Oh and don't forget all of the curriculum prep for all of Spring. And yes, it's only 5 weeks worth of classes for 3 age groups, but it took so many, many, many hours to get it ready to be easy to implement. There will be dry ice and worms and aloe vera plants. And each teacher will have a tidy little notebook all ready to go with each Sunday carefully mapped out so they don't have to worry about what they're going to do with the kids, they can just relax and enjoy teaching.

I am deeply thankful for the Associate DRE I work with. She is am amazing woman. I love spending time with her, and working together. She works so hard and gives advice and knows what the boys will like and offers perspective when I want to throw in the towel. I don't think I would be looking at another year if she hadn't stepped in to work these wacky hours in this wacky job. Thank God she did! I love my work, and I just might have lost it.

I'm tired. Weary even. But it's a good tired, like you feel when you've run a long way and you're finally at the end of the path. For Religious Educators Fridays are not really the end of the week, in fact one of the little pitfalls is that there isn't really an end of the week. But it feels so good to have come to the end of this week. I'm still standing. Still smiling.

Must be that all is well.

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ms. kitty said...

Hang in there, dear one, we're all tired in this biz by this time of the year. I know just what you mean---weariness coupled with joy and salted with sorrow, for all that we have done, for all that we love, and for all that we have lost. We keep coming back because we need them and they need us. Or at least that's how I see it on a Saturday morning with the sermon not yet in the bag!