Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day.....what, today?

Oh it's been so busy in our life here lately. I totally forgot that today was actually Earth Day. I mean, yes, we had the whole Earth Day service at church on Sunday and all. And yes, I read the blogs and facebook this morning, and Earth Day was all over the media, too. But wait, surprise, it's actually today!

Oh well. I meant to have a vegan day in the house, but I ate an egg for breakfast and one of the boys had cheese. And I sent a spaghetti bake for lunch for the younger two, with sausage. I don't eat meat, and this "clean week" that I've been having with food doesn't include a lot of cheese, but eggs are one of my "stick to your ribs" sources of protien. Tofu and all the meatz-like-substitutes are actually kind of processed, so eggs fit well in a clean week.

In fact I guess "clean week" fits well with Earth day. But still, I was hoping to help my kids know that you can eat without meat--and be fine.....but on my calendar, right under where it says "Earth Day" the menu says "tacos". I already defrosted the ground beef. So, maybe next time. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe on this one, we can say--got it covered. Check. Good enough. We are continually downsizing our meat intake as a family, all of us, not just the vegetarians.

Now that's an idea. Say "OK, good enough, we've got this one covered."


Something I may be doing just right. Or right enough. Or enough.

Happy Earth Day!

and thanks to Katy for this lovely visual companion of Blue Boat Home

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