Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day Play

Today was our first ever "Children and Youth" Service, meaning: All kids, only kids, for kids. And OK, yes, it had it's imperfections, but for the most part.....YES! I loved having a middle schooler as service leader, and an older and early el brother pair as the Lorax and the Oncler. And handing out the "Truffula Trees" to little ones willing to go add them to the stage and then......smack, pull them down when the last one gets cut down. Fun!

We adapted this version.

Really good stuff. But instead of most of the hymns we had "Open Music" spots. Kids were invited to bring their instruments in and share as they felt moved to play music. There were three sign up sheets to grab a spot, but it was pretty flexible. We rolled an old cranky piano over to the stage area. Our music was all provided by different kids who played a violin, a cello, and a mandolin, there was a punk rock band and a couple of pianists. This was the best part: kids, incluing mine, were very willing to share for an audience of other children and youth. Who knows, mabye they will be more interested in playing upstairs now? No matter what? It made my heart soar to hear our kids play for each other just for the plain joy of it. Even the three and fours watched every moment of every song. That is wonderful.

I had a great Sunday. Kids who didn't want to sit in chairs pulled a cushion over, kids who needed to wander, did. Kids who wanted to beat up their brother were lucky enough to have me come and sit with them. But for the most part, it was great. We learned that we really do need to have a rehearsal. It just goes better. We need to keep things moving, and that was our fault, the adults need to stay on top of cueing the kids. But really? What a fun Sunday! We will do it again. No doubt!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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