Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Much is that Doggie in the Window

I wonder if it's time. My beloved dog Emma has been gone for over four months now. And no I can't put her beds away yet, but with my husband traveling so much, maybe it's time to start thinking about a new furry friend.

Yesterday I mentioned it in a morning facebook status update and oh my, I got lots of feedback to go add to the family! More feet, more fur, more fun! And one friend even works with a rescue organization for Cairn Terriers--like ToTo in the Wizard of Oz!

So there I was yesterday on a break from a big power cleaning day at church, sitting down to a lovely Garbage Soup lunch (everything in the fridge with onions and diced tomatoes=Garbage Soup) and chatting with the assembled cleaning angels. We were talking about dogs and families. One of the women is a vet, though not currently practicing. I love when church folks chat about work, and while they have known each other for years, they have no idea what everyone did or does for work! "You're a Physical Therapist? No way? A Nutritionist? Really? A Physician? I had no idea!! We have more important things to talk about I guess, that's wonderful.

I the conversation turns to "have you ever lived with a terrier?" And I can tell that this question comes from experience. From vet experience. Oh man! No! I lived with a wild short-haired pointer as a kid. She never settled down and had a path worn around the yard from running circles. And my dog, Emmadog was old when she came to live with us, and was always simply a lady. She woudn't run away, why would she want to leave us? My friend and Associate DRE who was also at the garbage soup lunch walks and dog sits a little neighbor dog and she said "you know Paisley is a terrier" oh. No! I didn't! Now I do. I know Paisley. She is sweet and so cute but WILD!

Maybe we'll look for a dog, but maybe a dog who has the primary characteristic of sitting calmly on my lap and keeping me company. So, maybe not so much a puppy then! Oh I don't know. We want a dog small enough to fly with us so she doesn't have to stay home when we travel. And somebody who is not too long haired and maybe low impact on allergies. So this is the latest thought.

A dachsund. A mix who needs a home, but you know--kind of "weiner-y". Maybe two so they can keep each other company. The little short legged pups we know are so sweet. So very sweet!

So, maybe. Or maybe not quite yet. But maybe soon.

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