Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pig at the trough

I was having a little calendering party with my husband tonight. I gotta admit, it's not quite as much fun when he's in Atlanta and I'm in Washington State--it's really hard to share the beer. But it is oh so much more important, now. At one point in our conversation we had him flying out after the talent show on May 7th and back for a play performance by the evening of May 8th. Thank God I'd forgotten that we had decided at our little school that this was crazy for the parents who lived FULL TIME here, much less the ones with business that has to get done on the morning of May 8th thousands of miles away. The play is on the 15th, silly me. But hey, that's what a red eye flight is for, right?

Anyway, it's ugly. And growing new hairy warts every day.

But as we calendar-ed he asked when GA is. Oh GA! GA is coming up. SOON! This crazy meeting of every kind of UU from every corner of our world feeds me like a pig at a trough. I cannot wait. I took my job as a Religious Educator on June 15th, 2005 and pretty much went straight to Fort Worth for professional days. I think it's an absolutely fantastic way to start-out this work.

This year, after attending my first LREDA Fall Con, I thought "well, with budgets and splitting my professional expenses with my colleague DRE (well, well, well worth it, bless the ground you walk on Shannon) maybe I should just go to Fall Con and skip GA". But then, I was honored to be asked to join the LREDA Board.....holding the GA PORTFOLIO! Ha. That means I can't skip it. I have to follow Cindy Leitner in her GA work this year so I know what to do next year. OK, HAVE to is maybe an over-exaggeration. I would probably have decided that I HAD to go to GA for some other reason......maybe the fact that my son is the FUNTIMES Senior Manager or something like that. But yeay. GA is coming up. And I get to go. And I cannot wait.

I hope I get to lay eyes on some of the blogger folks I've come to care about. I hope someone else from blogland is going, too. We can meet for a beer and a chat and then, you know, blog about it. I can't think of a finer evening that that one. Nope.

GA Countdown begins now! OK, later when I have the energy to figure out how many days left until the big fun starts.


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