Thursday, August 27, 2009

California Dreamin'

The top down, tunes cranked, waves crashing on the coast as you drive north....yeah, this is my husband right now.

He didn't have enough to do so he thought, "Hey, I think I'll go buy a new car! And while I'm at it, why not buy one in, oh say.....California?"

Well, maybe it's not quite that straightforward. There was the recent trauma of the car breakdown, Ooo, still makes my palms sweat. Not fun. We have two very old and rickety Civics which of course didn't qualify for the cash for clunkers deal, and my thinking is that both of them being the same make and model from the same year they're going to conk out on the same day and then we'll have to buy TWO cars. Or let our teenagers pay for a car of their own which is the whole reason that my husband and I are not currently rich and famous; owning cars in highschool and college. So if we buy one new(er) car now and fix up one of the old ones and sell the other, then all our bases will be covered.

Of course that's not how it will actually work out, but that is my plan and for now I'm stickin' with it.

So, it was time to buy a car. And there is one other reason that it was time to buy a car which is hilarious and will be impossible for all liberated and independent women to believe is true, but for that one you'll have to check back on September 28th. Promise.

We have this crazy fly-free thing because my husband works for an airline, so when we're looking for a car, we can look any place in the country and we do. When we lived in Minnesota we once bought a car in Oklahoma. This time my husband was even looking at cars in Florida and Texas. It's a wild thing. At least this car was just down I-5 a little way, well 19 hours of way, but that's only two whole days of driving. No problem.

It's not a mild mannered family car this one. He's got the music up loud and everyone is kinda getting out of his way, or at least that's what I'm thinking is happening. He's having the time of his life, new car, good tunes, OK there's no way to put the roof down, but I'll bet the windows are open, and really I-5 isn't actually ON the coast, but still; I'll bet in a couple of days we'll have one happy daddy here on the homestead.

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