Monday, August 24, 2009

Upper Deck

My family is coming home! They flew into Atlanta from Tokyo; that's where there was space to go. They got to fly on a 747 on the upper deck. This is fabulous for two reasons: my husband worked 747s for 13 years; many engines are securely attached to their wings because of HIS work on that plane, yes, the EXACT plane they flew on. (this is why I am not afraid to fly, I know the kind of people who keep them safe) The other reason? In the hierarchy of shi-shi flying there is first class, and then there is World Business Class and then; upper deck on the "whale". My children, upper deck. Oh yeah.

I have been ready for them to come home since 8:14 this morning, the time that the Seattle flight landed. No call. Then the Portland flight at 8:21. No call. Then the Detroit flight at 10:08. No call. Luckily my friend called to distract me from the waiting. I hate waiting. Hate it. Then at 11:21, bingo! A call from Atlanta! Then they had the longest wait at customs ever, ever, then off to wait for flights back to Seattle. I got one call with the plan: if there was one seat, Michael would come home because he's old enough to fly alone. Hell, he's almost old enough to vote and be drafted. In a few weeks we'll have two sons who can fly alone. But the gate agents were saying it didn't look good and the guys were looking at other options; a later flight? Detroit? Minneapolis? Salt Lake City?

Then, while I was at the grocery store buying meat so the omnivores would have something to eat when they get home, I got the call. It was fast, I mean fast: "boarding passes as the door is closing, we're all on! 7:30, we'll call when we're in!"

I paid for the steak, and deli ham and big brick of cheese and came home.

The little dog and I don't quite know what to think. I'm so happy that they are coming home, I can't wait to see my loved ones, all of them. The little dog is clueless but will be a tail-wagging-thrilled little girl when they walk in the door. I'm so grateful that my husband took the kids on this trip, it's one of those trasformative experiences in a teen's life that make them who they are. At the same time I feel like maybe I should just pick up and run from this life I have here and go home to Minnesota to my people and lefse and the state fair and tornadoes and safety.

Uh, yeah.

Maybe I need to wait a day or two to make any decisions!? Probably a good plan. Good plan. Tornadoes and safety? Well, at least I can laugh about the hard parts, at least I can see that maybe there are some very complicated things going on here.

And I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my real life and my cyber life who have held my hand during this week. I am one wildly lucky woman. And I know it. Y'all rock. And really, I'm sure all will be just fine once we're all in the same airspace again. At least I sure hope so.


ms. kitty said...

Aaaaahhhhh, sigh of relief, Kari is no longer strung out!

Chris said...

At least wait to see what kinda t-shirts they brought you from Tokyo, before you head for the root cellar, yes, Dorothy?

Kari said...

OK, since they brought home an authentic Hard Rock T-shirt, guess I'll stay here a little longer! :-)