Saturday, August 22, 2009

Top Ten True things about a Week at Home Alone

10. Being busy is not only a function of children and husbands.

9. A warm little dog on a cold night is pretty cozy.

8. It takes three days to fill up the dishwasher, three days! Even with all home cooked meals!

7. Sharing two tomatoes from the garden with yourself makes a yummy tomato and feta salad.

6. The washing machine has a small load setting. Who knew?

5. Taking the dog for a walk every day takes an hour and a half.

4. A small bottle of wine can last for days! But not if you're watching a good movie.

3. Being alone does not mean being lonely.

2. You can only work for a certain number of hours in one day. Really.

and the number one true thing about a week at home alone?

1. It's QUIET. Really, quiet.... q u i e t. Shhh.....

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