Tuesday, December 22, 2009

...and the three wise guys

I used to write a Christmas letter every year. Until my dear husband told me he'd rather we not, and then three minutes later, Jay Leno hosted these two on his show singing about year end letters....

Yeah, um. OK! Message received!

So, no letter. I was busy this season anyway. And still struggling with the lack of sunlight here in the northwest that leaves me sucked dry of any energy.

OK! Fine! No Christmas cards this year! Leave it. I even read on the Oprah website that skipping a year of cards was no problem, all was good.

But then my husband decided that he would take this on. He changed his name this year and probably should tell the folks on our list about it. So, he took a file on down to the local store, and had cards made. I wasn't even aware of it, much less involved. And he printed cards with the name change info. He made sweet little photo cards with this picture

and they say... "Happy Holidays from Nic, Kari......and the three wise guys."

Happy Holiday!

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boston unitarian said...

Hey Kari,
I wish you and your wonderful family a very happy and joyous holiday! Thank you for your enthusiasm and compassion...Blessings, BU