Friday, December 11, 2009

Top 10 True Things about Family

I love my family, OK, it's true that I've been threatening to move to Mexico ALONE lately. Whenever there is a series of crude jokes or some conversation focused around bodily function, I just start singing the James Taylor song "Mexico". I'm getting hoarse. I live with three teen age boys. And yes, sometimes it does feel like I'm the housemother of the naughty boys' dorm at a boarding school.

But they're good kids, and my husband tries hard not to laugh when they're disgusting. At least the little dog is a girl, thank GOD!

There are some advantages to living in a family and not in a hut on the side of a mountain, far far away.

10. You never have to lift heavy things. Excellent.

9. Sometimes someone brings home leftovers from an office party and you get to eat taco dip for dinner.

8. Watching Glee alone is kind of sad, it's a lot more fun with real highschoolers who heckle a little.

7. Computer machines are magic things that work much better after you lay your head down on it, sobbing and some young man comes along to fix whatever is broken.

6. Teen boys bake excellent Christmas cookies, and sometimes leave one.

5. Shoveling. Snow OR dirt.

4. Even when someone feels like the Grinch and wants to hide under the covers and pretend Christmas isn't happening, family pays attention to the calendar and ridicules you nicely until you get the heck up out of bed.

3. When hooligans try to vandalize the car parked on the street, someone else will call the police.

2. Pizza night.

1. If you choke on your pizza, there's someone there to rescue you.

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