Sunday, December 6, 2009

BIG Vote Today!

The lovely church I serve has a big decision to make today. Will they move forward on the purchase of a new church home? Now this isn't "should we sign a purchase agreement or not....."that's a few steps down the line. It's about hiring lawyers and inspectors and beginning to deal with all the details and assessments.

Yesterday we all walked through the building together. 75 people swapped around their Saturday morning plans and showed up to see just what may be. And by some wild miracle, Gini Courter, moderator of the UUA was in town and joined us!

This time the sun was shining and the Olympic mountains were clear and visible from the classrooms and offices. The ferries trekked across the sound. The light streamed in. It was stunning. If things don't work out somehow, we are all gonna need some serious grief counseling, for real! No joke! We're all seeing what it would look like to make this church our home.

With so many of our loved ones in the building what I really envisioned this time was the weekday evening programs we could do. Like Eastshore's "Wonderful Wednesday" we could have "Thankful Thursdays" or "Faithful Fridays". I can see a big happy potluck dinner or a team that makes everyone healthy sloppy joes or potato soup followed by a lovely spirit filled family worship that invites children and elders and mid-lifers alike into sacred and fun space together. Then we'd all go off to evening enrichment--the choir would practice, the jazz group would jam, older kids could have open mic nights and the little ones could have K-1 OWL. Our adults would explore the adult programming like the new Tapestry curriculum "What Moves Us" and our committees could meet in one of the many fine rooms.

It would be a faith home for all of us on far more than just Sunday mornings. We'd have a church building. We'd have a home base for all our good work, and for time just to be together.

Oh may it please be so! Please.


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ms. kitty said...

Oh, I hope I hope I hope for you all!