Friday, December 4, 2009

Marching Down the Aisle

The congregation I serve is seriously considering whether they should consider purchasing a church building. Our congregation is 45 years old, and is just now big enough to take this next step. It's been quite a wait! But it's a huge step.

It's a lovely church. I've only been through the building once, and it was dark and super chilly, so tomorrow when we all get to walk thru during the day, I'm sure I'll see even more to love about it.

There was one thing on that first night that absolutely took my breath away. It was a very clear image that came in a crystal clear vision. I was up in the balcony looking down over the lovely sanctuary. And there at the front of the church, I saw the vision of a wedding!

Oh my! Our congregation's children would have a lovely place to be married!

When my husband and I were married 22 years ago, we had to go down to the big church in town (the beautiful and historic First Unitarian in Minneapolis) the little fellowship where I grew up was just too small.

But if we can make this work and get this church, things will be different for our congregation's children. We can bless them when they're babies, honor them when they turn seven and are invited to light the chalice for the first time, celebrate them in their coming of age rituals, bridge them to adulthood, and then perform their weddings. What a beautiful gift for a congregation to be such a part of a life.

May it be so. Please!

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