Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eyes to the Sky

School starts today, well classes started yesterday and the youngest had musical theatere class, and his brothers tagged along in the hope that we really do get to do Seussical Jr and they can rock some sets and props. But the big academic classes that run Tuesday and Thursday start today.

I love our school. It's like coming home after a long vacation. All the kids grew two feet and the babies started walking. And the moms and dads all look like a cool lake on a hot day...so good, refreshing and just what I need.

And a new family member joined us! A colleague, the youth programs coordinator for one of the really big churches in town is at our school with his kids. Oh, how nice to talk shop with someone I really like to hang out with.

But the best part of the day was the science unit we did in the morning. I decided we'd look at habitats and get to cells and little stuff going from the big to the small, so we went to the South King County Arboretum. OK, really it was just an excuse to get out and enjoy the holy high church of a September day in Western Washington.

The lake was still, the pines whispered, we ate bagels and Jarlsburg cheese and little fresh apples. The plants were amazing. And being together was, too.

For a week full of meetings every night, single parenting while the dad travels, the launch of classes, two teacher spots still to fill; I'm centered, feet fully on the ground and eyes to the sky. It's good.

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