Sunday, September 7, 2008

Letting Gooooo......

Can you hear the groan in the words of that title? Ugh. Ghirgh. Grrruuumble.

We had the best youth group meeting tonight. There were the solid kids who from what I can decipher from ancient hieroglyphics of church records really have been here since birth. And the kids who have been here for three or five years. And there were the youth group advisers. And (cue the angel chorus) there were THREE new kids who look to be solidly connected and coming back for the sleepover and the homeless teen center feed and the camping trip.

But I was tucked away in the office. I introduced myself, and handed out the registration forms and opened the window and turned on the fan and passed around candy. But that was all. Oh, it's good. It's healthy. I have a son of my own in youth group, and I'm the DRE. I need to be three steps back and administrating.

But, just maybe, I'd give all that up to hear the check in, and how school is going, and what's up with that thing that happened this summer? I loved being the defacto youth group leader last year. I got more out of it than any of the teenagers. Talk about God and theology? No place better than with a bunch of wildly brilliant and opionated teens. Ethics? Oh yeah, bring it on, they have no preconceptions. Politics? Get out of the way, they'll leave you in the dust every time.

It's good. Letting go. It rips your skin off like superglue on your fingers, but it's good. New skin will grow and who needs fingerprints anyway?

OK, OK, it's good. Really, it's good. I'll just keep telling myself that.



ms. kitty said...

Hi, Kari,
Your youth group post reminds me of a long conversation I had with my son, who lives in Reno with his family and is attending the Northern Nevada fellowship. He has volunteered to be a youth advisor, having loved his days in YRUU half his lifetime ago. I listened to his excitement and his frustration as he tries to bring to that rather slow-moving advisor group some of what he experienced in his group. It sounds like your enthusiasm is what he's hoping to engender in his fellow advisors.

I wish you well. Youth groups are really fun! Or ought to be.

Kari said...

Oh, thanks Kit. I hope your son is able to get some spark going! Good for him, and yeay you, raising him!

Laura McNaughton said...

I completely understand, Kari. I love working with youth - they're all so awesome! And, now that my daughter's there I just can't do it anymore!

Ah, well, now I get to hang out with 9 and 10 year olds on Sunday mornings! Bring on the underpants jokes!!

tandik said...

Ah, yes. I've not been the youth advisor for 8 years now, and I still get the twinge around this time of year. And my eldest son is now in YRUU (thank goddess!)

Hey, how about you, me and Laura all come back and be youth advisors in a handful of years. Wouldn't that be fun? ... And then I'll have to step back again when it's Kep's turn. :-)

BTW, I love your writing style. This is the first time I've commented, but I usually read you with my morning coffee on the back porch. Good stuff!

Kari said...

Hey y'all! I just spent the afternoon with Chris C. from Eastshore because he's going to my HOME school (yeay!), and he's mourning the youth involvement too (he's administering Youth programs, not leading now....) I guess we're the poster children for loving that youth work. And yes, in a handful of years we're all back! Bring on the underpants jokes. :-)