Saturday, September 13, 2008

Note to self: Don't forget to go to church

I had a dream last night that I forgot to go to church on Homecoming Sunday. I was lounging at a hot tub with some friends and I got a call from the youth advisor asking me where I was and did I intend to come to church?

Oh it still makes my heart beat fast!

This has been a busy week full of meetings, copies, curriculum prep which included taping spoons to very long dowels (I love Katie Tweedie Covey's way of doing RE, she makes it easy to keep any active child engaged in class, and she wrote the new "Toolbox of Faith" for the Tapestry!) and my oldest even painted a huge labyrinth on a paint tarp for the K-2 class.

So, now my husband is back from Italy, and I think the song I wrote for opening Sunday is ready--my guitar playing may almost be good enough. It's a ditty, not a song, but still, I don't think I'll make a total fool of myself. And everything in all our cubby hole classrooms has been scrubbed and mopped and organized and I spent a pile of church money to have the supplies our kids need.

And the teachers are in place and all excited to start the year.

Now, if I can just remember to GO to church in the morning.

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