Monday, September 22, 2008

Three days

So in the last three days I bought "cheater" glasses so I can see when I read, went to a washed-up-band-who-I-love concert (r0ck on Counting Crooooooooows!) my 16-year-old went off to the community college and somehow, the world has just shifted.

I remember his first day of preschool, and his first day of Kindergarten and his first day of High School. They all had this dark chocolate bitterness.

Book Two; the next phase. "My life from here."

It's all good, but sometimes that just feels so bad. So hard, really that's what it is. So very difficult.

Worth it all, worth every second, every bit of it. The calling of the mother. But oh, so much.

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Anna Banana said...

I wish your son the best! Transitions can be difficult. One of the big differences between CC and HS is at CC the teachers don't care if you don't come to class. That can be tempting to a young person. The other difference my son noticed was lack of peers. Almost everyone seemed so much older. But the classes are so much more interesting! Hope you can sit with a cup of tea and get used to this new time.